4 Reasons Why You Need Candidate Surveys

Wedge Team
May 19, 2020

Ever wondered how you could get direct feedback on what is working in your hiring process?

Surveys are your answer.

Other than being the easiest and most feasible way to get information from your candidates, surveys can be the key to finding issues leading to a high turnover rate, or low candidate engagement. We’ll dive in on what makes candidates surveys work and why you need to start implementing them.

Unbiased, confidential candidate opinions

The fact that implementing a survey allows your candidates to be honest and explain what they did and didn’t like throughout the hiring process should be enough to sell you on surveys. But the real truth comes in the reality that they allow the candidates to point out the flaws in your process.

Most of the time candidates are going through multiple hiring processes at the same time. By doing this, they get to experience multiple different hiring processes and see what they really like and what they don’t. When you get to ask them for their feedback, they’re going to weigh more all of their recent interview processes into their answers – giving you insights from areas you couldn’t get elsewhere.

A direct way to get this kind of information comes in the questions you ask, don’t worry, we’ll discuss this a little later.

Find flaws outside of hiring

One of the biggest things we see in companies who implement hiring surveys is that the results show opportunities far beyond hiring. Depending on the questions you ask, you can find information relating to the vibe of your company office, the friendliness of your staff, and if your “Mission, vision, and values” is evident to a stranger.

This information may be more valuable than any hiring information. Stuff like, does your company actually portray the image you are looking for? Or is it displaying something completely different? There is no better person to ask than someone who has no-bias and is going off of their first impression – the one that really matters.

Direct feedback on Your Hiring Process

This is the most obvious, and rightly so. A bad hiring process can be one of the main reasons why employees decline your offers or even don’t return your follow-up calls. For the candidates that do make it through your process, a quick survey allows you to receive their opinion of what they just went through. Was it too hard? Too long? Boring, repetitive, or demanding? These are all things you would need to be aware of to improve your hiring process.

Make hiring Top Talent Easy

Once you’ve been implementing candidate surveys for a while, the amount of data and information you have will be a huge asset to making improvements. Once you’ve had the time to go through and make necessary changes, your hiring process will be smooth and efficient. Hopefully, you’ve cut out the fluff and added more value.

Once you’ve perfected your hiring process – thanks to help from your candidates – landing top talent just got a lot easier.

BONUS: Survey Questions We Recommend

Now, we aren’t going to write your survey for you – that’d be too easy. But, we would love to help out and give you some start survey questions we would use.

  • What was your general opinion of the hiring process?
  • What about the hiring process felt unnecessary or repetitive?
  • What was the most beneficial part of the hiring process?
  • How would you compare our hiring process to others that you have been through?
  • Did our hiring process give you a good feeling about our company or a negative one?

And our last tip, this needs to be anonymous. If you make candidates put in their email, you lose the chance to get their real opinions and that is where all the value is.

In the meantime, good luck and happy hiring from the team at Wedge!