C-Suite? See Wedge.

Wedge Team
May 18, 2020

If you’re in the C-Suite or could be, you value your time. You know the importance time can have on productivity, performance, and morale. Added time adds possibilities.

Possibilities for business growth, employee happiness, and better quality of work and life too.

With the importance you put on time, we know you have better things to do than read a 10-minute article about a product, so we’ll keep it much shorter.

What is Wedge

We’re starting hot and jumping right in.

Wedge is more than a one-way video interviewing platform. We are a platform aiming to give recruiters an easier time screening and hiring candidates while giving those candidates a fair chance to showcase who they are.

Why Can It Help My Business

Far too often recruiters are stuck on the phones having to make judgements and cuts of large groups, not having the chance to revisit the conversation, literally having to go on intuition or chance alone.

This decreases the likelihood of hiring the best employee. Only one person is deciding whether or not someone should move forward in the process is problematic and Wedge eliminates that.

Wedge allows for your recruiters to have the necessary information and accessibility to make better hiring decisions, in shorter amounts of time.

It allows for more people to have eyes in the screening process. Collaboration wins almost every time, one recruiter shouldn’t be making a screening decision.

What About the Candidates

Do candidates even like video interviews? Well, do they like having a better chance of getting the job? We think so, and that’s what we provide them.

Wedge allows for a much better candidate experience from start to finish and can provide the candidates with the feeling that the process is fair and that they are actually getting considered.

Far too often, a qualified candidate will apply and never hear back from a company solely because the recruiters don’t have enough bandwidth to spend 15 minutes on the phone with them.

This is ridiculous and unfair to the candidate but also can hurt businesses bottom line by hiring the wrong candidate.

Long Story Short

Wedge makes your recruiter’s jobs easier. It allows them to hire better candidates in less time which then makes your job easier, and your business more efficient. Wedge also creates a better candidate experience and a fair chance for every person moving through it.

That’s the just the tip of the iceberg of what Wedge can do. With product updates and feature upgrades on the way, the time to join is now.

It’s time to learn more. Schedule a demo today.