Productivity For Everyone: Wedge Makes Screening a Breeze

Wedge Team
May 19, 2020

Scheduling phone interviews suck. And the worst part, we’ve all been there, on one side or the other. Wedge was started to eliminate this lacking, time-consuming part of the hiring process, to benefit the candidate, AND, the recruiter. 

Time-to-hire is a major challenge for the common recruiter. Scheduling phone screens alone can take weeks, no wonder it takes months to hire candidates. Not only does reducing your time to hire allow you to screen and interact with more candidates, but it increases your chances of landing top talent. 

Why is landing top talent so difficult? Because of the competition – most highly qualified candidates are deciding between multiple offers, or are in multiple hiring processes. This means that speed matters as if it didn’t already. 

If you can get a candidate an offer before they get to an in-person interview with your competition, your chances of converting drastically go up. Nobody likes to wait, and nobody likes to wait for something they are not in control of. 

Productivity Boost

Why is Wedge so effective? Because it increases the productivity for recruiters, and candidates too. Instead of the menial phone screen, all your recruiter needs to do is send out a link to the candidate over email, LinkedIn message, or Slack channel. Just like that, the ball is out of the recruiter’s court and into the candidates. 

This allows the recruiter to reach out to other candidates, send new connection requests, or conduct other interviews while the candidate completes the video interview themself. 

For the candidate, instead of leaving work, the kids, or any other task to fit a phone interview into your schedule, the candidate can now move up in the process on their own time. This is a huge benefit and allows the candidate to be in control.

The More You Screen

With your recruiters not having to play email tag and schedule long phone interviews, they can be out meeting new candidates and sending requests to complete their video interview. The more people your recruiters meet, the more video interviews you will have completed. As general probability works, you’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect candidate.

Instead of 15-30 minute phone screens, your recruiters can now spend 3-5 minutes screening each candidate through a Wedge. 

Employee productivity is a catalyst for business growth. There’s no wonder the fastest growing companies also have the most recruiters. We understand this is a luxury that most small businesses can’t afford, but that’s why there is Wedge. We help you make the most out of your recruiters.

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