What's New With Wedge: WedgeRadio

Wedge Team
May 1, 2020

If you follow our co-Founder, Matt, you may have heard some of the news – but we’re just gonna act like you haven’t.


While Matt’s been busy creating over 50 episodes of the Wedge Cast, now the Matt Baxter Show, the Wedge team has been busy in the background strategizing. We’ve been a platform where not only the Wedge Cast can live, but all of the other cool audio things we have been cooking up too (stay tuned).

WedgeRadio serves as the platform to host our Wedge audio. We wanted a place where the job seeker could hear from industry leaders and hiring managers, but also other job seekers who underwent the same struggles as themselves. Whether your current focus is on hiring great candidates or being a great candidate, WedgeRadio is the place to find out how.

The Matt Baxter Show

The flagship show, the Matt Baxter Show has grown tremendously over recent months. Starting out with just business leaders across West Michigan, to now leaders from industries and places all over the world. With the MBS, Matt aims to inspire business leaders to think differently about their approach to hiring, while also giving their insights a platform to reach our viewers.

If only one person watches the MBS and is impacted in a positive way, then all of the time and effort has been worth it.

Just recently, Matt has sat down with the founders of Barefoot Wine, Vans, and so many others. If you want to hear from top founders, leaders, and people, tune in!

Everyday Job Seeking

Everyday Job Seeking is our brand new show for seekers. We’ve all been a job seeker at some point, and with that idea, we aim to bring real-life experience to the current seekers out there. 

This show will interview people who have their dream job to share about the process of getting it, it will interview people currently in the process and the things they are finding out along the way, and the occasional recruiter that will share key hiring insights to help you land the job.

While this show isn't on the market just yet, we're quietly working in the background to deliver a quality experience for everyone who listens – stay tuned!


Whether you’re a business leader, recruiter, job seeker, or anywhere in between – we want to share your story. We want to allow your insights to reach people, to change people. 

If you're interested in being featured on the Wedge Cast, or Everyday Job Seeking, shoot an email to josh@competitivewedge.com with your resume, and a little bit about yourself.

In the meantime, thank you for supporting us at Wedge – head over to the brand new WedgeRadio!