Goodbye phone screening.
Hello Wedge.

Wedge video interviews turn recruiters into superheroes. Wedge makes it easier to identify top talent. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Imagine never having to conduct a
phone screen again.

Learn how on-demand video interviewing transforms your hiring process by providing
your candidates with a seamless, fast, and flexible experience.

Record on their time.
Review on yours.

Access more candidates with flexible one way recorded video interviewing. Discovering talent has never been this efficient.

You’ll never have to schedule a “time to talk” again.

Easy for your candidates.
Easier for you.

The interview experience your candidates will love. No app required. You won't lose candidates to a download black hole.

Wedge always lives in your web browser. Creating a seamless experience for everyone.

Outpace the competition.
One hire at a time.

Wedge improves your screening speed and quality. You'll be able to move faster on the candidates you love.

Through our asynchronous video interviewing technology, you'll reduce your time spent screening by an average of 75%.

The world has changed.
Has your recruiting?

Join the movement of businesses like yours that have adapted to the new age of recruting.

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Customers growing with Wedge

“Axios HR has been partnered with Wedge since 2018. We have received positive feedback from both clients and job seekers. It is easy to use, saves time and truly helps a job seeker shine... I had a great experience creating my profile and video. I am a raving fan!”

Shannon – EVP, Staffing Solutions

“Wedge has been an incredible benefit to BELAY's hiring process. Wedge has improved our ability to hire and onboard team members at an accelerated rate while maintaining a professional experience for our applicants. Our partnership with Wedge has enhanced and personalized BELAY's approach to hiring exceptional talent.”

Lori – Belay Solutions

“You don't realize how much room there is to increase your hiring efficiency until you use Wedge. Not only does this product expand your capacity to screen candidates, it enables you to move qualified prospects through the hiring process with greater effectiveness.”

Marc - Director of Business Development