The Hiring Knot

Untangling Modern Recruiting Challenges

The Hiring Knot explores the demands of modern recruiting from the perspective of industry insiders, outsiders and talent acquisition experts and offers practical strategies for overcoming everyday challenges and improving outcomes.

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A portion of proceeds will support a new program at the Michigan Center for Economic Innovation.

Praise for The Hiring Knot

"The Hiring Knot applies modern thinking to an age-old problem. The topics, strategies and solutions included in this book have the power to transform talent acquisition efforts and outcomes. A must-read for anyone hiring these days."
- Tim Pratte, PrismHR

"Bringing together their own experiences plus insights from other industry experts, Baxter and Rokos have taken a critical lens to recruiting and its many challenges. They're tackling the "way we've always done it" mindset and providing the tools needed to change the process."
- Sasha Yablonovsky, RevOps Strategic Executive + Industry Expert

"This book is so timely. After 30+ years of continuously making the hiring process "better" (more data, automation, faster, lower cost, etc.), it has reached the limits of insanity for all involved. Time to innovate! Enter an insider, Theo, and an outsider, Matt, to write "The Hiring Knot," articulate the problem, and bring a fresh and common sense approach to untangle the mess, get us all back on track, and restore the human side of hiring."
- Bob Moesta, The Re-Wired Group

"As the world of hiring undergoes a long-needed and total reboot, The Hiring Knot is a timely, profound and welcome blueprint that provides framework, actionable insights, resources and an easy-to-follow breakdown of changes, opportunities and guidance for job seekers, recruiters and employers alike."
- Cory Warfield, CoryConnects

"An excellent book that speaks directly to what hiring teams need to know now. The Hiring Knot covers all facets of talent acquisition and offers readers an inside look at how to improve recruiting. Drawing on their experiences, the work they do at Wedge, and input from other industry voices, they've delivered an invaluable resource for talent acquisition teams."
- Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research