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Is Wedge easy to use?

The easiest to use in industry (or at least we aspire to be). Wedge can be viewed on any device within the browser. No app or download Required. It generally takes less than 2 mins from receiving the invite to be recording an interview.

Can I add my company's branding and my own questions?

Yes! You can brand your candidate interview experience with custom recorded questions, messages and prompts.

How will my team and my job candidates get help when they need it?

Wedge offers 24/7 support to assist both our clients and your job candidates when and where you need it.

Does Wedge integrate with my existing hiring software?

Wedge becomes supercharged when integrated with your ATS or HR software provider. Check out our list of partners or put us in touch with your software provider and we can get an integration started right away.

How easy is it to collaborate with my teammates?

Extremely so. Each recorded Wedge can be enabled with a “Share Link” which means that anyone within your company can review the video and provide input, without having a Wedge account. Additionally, when integrated within an ATS video interview will be attached to the candidate profile. It’s as easily viewable as the candidate’s resume.