Go beyond the resume.

Promote your open jobs with Attract, collect candidate information with Apply, and screen candidates like never before with Interview.

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What is Wedge?


Get to know candidates better and faster with Wedge one-way video interviews.


Need more applicants? Turn your media into a results-driven machine with Attract.


Post your jobs with Wedge video applications to get to know candidates earlier.

Putting the human back in human resources.

Focus on candidates, not quotas.

Hiring is about people, but very little in the traditional hiring process reflects that. By orienting your strategy around video, you can meet the people behind the application.

A better way to hire.

By utilizing our tools in your hiring process, you can find the right candidates faster while creating an experience that goes beyond the resume. Our aim is to help you personalize the hiring process

Level up your hiring

How recruiters are leveraging video to put the human back in human resources

Top-tier talent, at your fingertips

Overcome traditional job boards and the "Easy Apply" button to outpace the competition. One hire at a time.

Captivate candidates at 'Hello'

Most applicants drop off before they even hit "apply." Engage talent right from the start by presenting your mission and values via video.

Say goodbye to phone screening

Get to know candidates 75% faster with asynchronous recorded video interviewing. You’ll never have to schedule a “time to talk” again.

Automation that feels personal

Automate repetitive administrative tasks, not people. Reinvest your time into getting to know candidates, without sacrificing a customized candidate experience.

Hear real candidate stories

Resumes are a historically poor indicator of who somebody is. Go off-paper to understand applilcant backgrounds when searching for the best candidates.

Champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Standardize your hiring process while making it more collaborative and transparent to fight unconscious bias.

How Wedge can help.

Attract the best candidates

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Meet them
when they Apply

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Interview on your time.

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