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Wedge is the future of hiring.

By utilizing Wedge, we take you beyond the resume and personalize your hiring process.

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Why Wedge?

How recruiters are leveraging video to put the human back in human resources
Top-tier talent, at your fingertips
Overcome traditional job boards and the "Easy Apply" button to outpace the competition. One hire at a time.
Captivate candidates at 'Hello'
Most applicants drop off before they even hit "apply." Engage talent right from the start by presenting your mission and values via video.
Say goodbye to phone screening
Access candidates 75% faster with asynchronous recorded video interviewing. You’ll never have to schedule a “time to talk” again.
Automation that feels personal
Automate repetitive administrative tasks, not people. Reinvest your time into getting to know candidates, without losing a customized candidate experience.
Hear real candidate stories
Resumes are a historically poor indicator of who somebody is. Go off-paper to understand applicant backgrounds when searching for the best candidates.
Champion diversity, equity, & inclusion
Standardize your hiring process while making it more collaborative and transparent to fight unconscious bias.

Still not sure?

Here are some of our current customers and why they love Wedge.
Cameron, HR Director

Wedge allows us to screen more applicants than we had time to screen in the past...It also allows our entire hiring team the ability to provide input on the applicants and decide whether or not they should be invited to participate in the in person panel interview process. This stream lines the screening process and creates buy-in with the hiring team.

Michelle, Operations Manager

Wedge is just really easy to implement, and it expedites the interview process quite a bit.

Joyce, Senior Recruiter

Wedge's customer support is top knotch when we have tech issues and it is really easy to use for applicants!

Connor, Talent Acquisition Specialist

It saves a ton of time in the recruiting process, and lets us get to see the candidate's personality better than over a phone screen.

Letitia, Director Customer Experience

Makes the screening process more efficient, especially when recruiting across multiple time zones.