The Team Success Platform for Recruiting, HR, DEI and People leaders!

Fortay is a team success platform that helps innovative businesses build diverse, aligned, and healthy workplaces where everyone thrives. Fortay partners with Fortune 500 to tech startups who are committed to building a diverse and inclusive, high-performing culture and teams as a collective.We are the only platform that brings DEIB, organizational effectiveness, and neuroscience together across the full talent lifecycle to successfully scale culture health as a team using patented and advanced technology. From People leaders, Talent Acquisition, HR, DEI and the executive team, we are purpose-built to enable culture health at scale as a team.

Use Cases Fortay solves for: Volume Hiring, Reducing Bias, Increasing Diversity, Increasing Engagement, Increasing Retention, Improving DEIB progress, Driving culture change

Culture Add Hiring - Build diverse values-aligned teams confidently with a fair, consistent, and data-driven approach via our personalized candidate assessment and culture add hiring framework.

With Fortay you will: Improve recruiter efficiency, Reduce bias in the hiring process, Increase team diversity, Improve the candidate experience

People Experience - Measure, understand, take action and improve on your employee experience and retention from onboarding to exit with powerful pulse and feedback survey tools.

With Fortay you will: Improve organizational culture health, including DEIB progress, Improve employee experience, Increase engagement, performance, & retention

Inclusive Leadership - Nurture your leaders in their inclusive leadership development journey early and continuously for impactful change. Leaders will understand where they are in their inclusive leadership journey and receive personalized guidance for improvement.

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