2022 Product Updates Recap

January 11, 2023

Now that we’re out of 2022, we’ve been able to take a breath and look at what we did over the past year. When we took a beat to take it all in, it was clear how much credit our amazing Product team deserves. They made tons of big, noticeable changes to how Wedge looks and feels, AND a lot of under-the-hood changes that make everything run even smoother as well.

On that note, here’s a recap of what the team accomplished last year!

Inline Custom Video Uploads

One big improvement to improve the functionality of Wedge’s interface is inline custom video uploads. Previously, when you wanted to upload custom videos to Wedge, you were taken to a whole new video upload page. Now, we’ve built it so that you can stay on the question library page to upload videos and manage questions. This should save you plenty of time setting up your jobs. 

Table Improvements

We made a bunch of improvements to the tables across the app to make them both more functional and more informative. We improved formatting and sorting so that you can find the information you need at a glance. Before, while scrolling through your Candidates or Jobs table, there was just so much to take in, to improve, we added a hover state to the table so that when you hover over an item it focuses on the information, drawing your eyes to the right place.

Lastly, and most importantly, we built the Candidates table to function like a tool you know very well, email. We added a viewed/unviewed status, that appears as an orange dot and bold text for unviewed Wedges, which changes from unviewed to viewed as soon as you click on a Candidate and go to their Wedge. It works exactly like your email inbox marking messages as read, and also like email, it’s very easy to mark a video as unviewed if you’d like to come back to review it later.

Expiring Invites

We added an option to put an expiration on email invites that are sent out of Wedge, which would not allow candidates to record a Wedge after the invite expires. You can set invite expiration at the Job level, so that all invites for a given Job will have the same expiration time, or, at the Invite level, for when candidates need more time or if you’re looking to get one more interview in before closing applications. 

QR Codes

Do you have a physical storefront, or do you frequent recruiting fairs or conferences looking for candidates? Interview-connected QR Codes are your solution to bringing interview opportunities to real, live candidates. When a candidate walks into your store, or up to your booth, they can scan the QR code with their phone and record an interview on the spot. 

With Wedge QR Codes, you can create the most functional ‘Help Wanted’ sign in existence.

Advanced Team Permissions

Have you ever wanted to keep your team focused only on the Candidates and Jobs relevant to them? That’s exactly why we built Advanced Team Permissions so that you can assign your team members to specific Locations or Teams, restricting their access to only Jobs and Candidates tagged with the property they’re assigned to.

The Members that are assigned to specific properties have the same permissions as general members, they can edit Job Settings and Questions, invite Candidates, and review Wedges.


Collaborators is something of a lite version of Advanced Permissions, that allows you to add users as collaborators to a specific Job, or Jobs. Collaborators have a different access level than normal members. They are only able to invite candidates and view Wedges, they cannot modify questions or settings. Think of it like a read-only version of Wedge for your users. It is super effective if you have people on your team that don’t have the time or bandwidth to fully learn how to use all aspects of Wedge but still need to review Candidates.

Wedge Statuses

With Wedge Statuses, you can keep track of where your Candidates are in the interview/screening process, mark candidates as favorites or hired, and quickly sort through candidates that don’t fit your needs. This feature was born out of a need to continue to optimize Wedge for your efficiency, to save you time. Now, you can see where candidates reside in the process at a glance and keep your process organized with little to no effort at all. Simply mark a candidate as a favorite to remember to come back to them or disqualified to pass on them.

SMS Invites (Beta)

Now this feature might be one of our best, and we want to get it right, so it’s still in beta (which you can sign up for here by the way). To conform to the ever-changing hiring landscape, we always strive to meet candidates where they are, and right now, where they are is on the go. Sending Candidates SMS invites accomplishes one big thing, it gets their attention. Think about it, how much easier is it for you to miss an email than a text message? 

After all of that, we hope you can forgive us for the long-winded love-fest of our Product team, we just know how special they are and want to give them their due props!