Customer Story

Chick-fil-A Franchise makes hiring decisions with Wedge

A community-centric company looks to improve recruiting efforts

June 28, 2022

One of the country’s largest quick-service restaurant chains, Chick-fil-A is renowned for its classic chicken sandwich and commitment to the local communities it serves. One of the company’s franchises embodies this thinking, working to deliver quality experiences to everyone who comes through the doors at their locations. The franchise’s Chief of Staff, says, “I consider us a business that presents itself professionally from the moment you pull into our parking lot and walk into our building. I think that’s the same for our hiring system, candidates need to experience a professional setting that’s easy, welcoming, and inviting.”

Recognizing that the franchise’s existing hiring process was causing frustration, the Chief of Staff turned to other locations for recommendations, which led the franchise to Decisely. After some initial back-and-forth with other video interviewing providers, Decisely introduced its integration with Wedge.

A different approach takes different forms

Since its implementation, this franchise replaced the traditional phone screen with Wedge across the board for positions at every level, from team members to leadership. It serves as a first step in the process – and one that the Chief of Staff requires in some instances. They explain, “I’ve been very pleased with the process. The biggest factor is that it integrates directly with our applicant tracking system because we can just log on, find the candidate we’re looking for, and see their application, their resume, and their Wedge interview right under their profile.”

The Chief of Staff continues, “That’s super helpful for certain positions because you can watch the video, see the person, see their environment, see how they present themselves, and know if it isn’t the job for them.” In helping narrow down the applicant pool, Wedge saves the franchise and its candidates time, eliminating the need for phone calls and scheduling and introducing flexibility into the process.

Streamlined processes, enhanced outcomes 

One of the key hires that this Chick-fil-A franchise made with Wedge is a talent director. For this role, the Chief of Staff created a personalized Wedge that included in-depth questions. Reflecting on how they’ve used Wedge to date, they shared, “Wedge is simple. It is really simple to create the interview, it’s very simple to watch. You can make it personal. We can change the questions. It gives suggestions as you go through creating the interview, which is helpful when you didn’t think about asking a specific type of question. It’s user-friendly and customizable, and that is important for any position, honestly.”

They add, “In a world where most businesses are already stretched thin and in need of more workers, we don’t have quite as much time to spend weeding through people, especially when application systems are so easy to apply through but don’t actually tell you anything about the candidate. Wedge simplifies all that and saves you time in the hiring process.”