Customer Story

Chick-fil-A Moultrie uses Wedge for faster first impressions

A new applicant tracking system comes with new integrations

July 5, 2022

As far as chicken sandwiches go, Chick-fil-A is an American institution and one of the country’s largest quick-service restaurant chains. For the company’s Moultrie, Georgia location, culture is central to the business. An active member of the local community, Chick-fil-A Moultrie strives to demonstrate a set of core values in each and every interaction, including its hiring process. Business director Kelsey Selph sees video as an essential part of that.

Selph explains that she’s used video for some time because “you get a chance to see how the person communicates, their body language, the words they use. It’s really valuable insight that you don’t get from a resume or sheet of paper, you actually get the individual person.”

When it came time for Chick-fil-A Moultrie to upgrade its applicant tracking system to Decisely, Selph’s team asked who they recommended for video interviewing, which led to Wedge.

Making each interaction matter

Chick-fil-A Moultrie currently uses Wedge at the screening stage, for all positions, from front of house to back of house, up to the director level. Selph says, “I treat Wedge like the first interview, and so when I review candidates that we’re interested in moving forward with, everybody who applies gets sent a Wedge. It allows us to get to know the candidate, so it’s not just for one kind of position in the restaurant. It works across the board.”

Selph thinks this approach is less intimidating, helping candidates get acquainted with the company before coming down for an in-person meeting. She also believes video allows candidates to self-select into – or out – of the recruiting experience and notes, “When I saw what Wedge offered, I was definitely on board, and honestly, we’re getting better service than we did before.”

Better experience, better results

The core values at Chick-fil-A Moultrie include humility, growth-minded, the pursuit of excellence, personal ownership and being guest-centered. Finding employees who align with these requires getting to know candidates on a personal level – and quickly. Wedge helps make that happen, giving candidates the opportunity to learn more about the restaurant while making their first impression. Selph adds, “We’ve had great results with the candidates who complete the Wedge. They’re the promising ones, the ones who have stayed and are still on our team today.”