Customer Story

Falck ups interviewing 1.5X with Wedge

Wedge Revolutionizes Hiring for Global Healthcare Leader, Falck

May 9, 2023

The Customer

Based in Denmark, Falck is a global market leader that delivers sustainable healthcare and reliable emergency response services, with more than 27,000 employees in 30 countries across five continents. Falck USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, provides 24-hour ambulance transport and 911 response services across several states. Headquartered in Orange, California, Falck USA’s talent acquisition team hires for several healthcare positions, including Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), which require specialized licenses and credentials. 

The Benefits (problem/solution)

Between the critical nature of Falck USA’s work and hiring challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the company sought to improve its recruiting process with video interviewing. Tina Feghali, Talent Acquisition Manager at Falck USA, offered, “We have high volume hiring needs because of the pandemic. We hire a select niche of candidates, meaning they have to have the right license, which was difficult to get when the schools were closed. Now that the schools have reopened, we’re able to hire them, but because a lot of our candidates work different shifts, we can’t catch them during the day for interviews. So, in this difficult market, we tried Wedge, and it worked.” 

Feghali went on to share that the company previously relied on traditional interview methods like phone and in-person. The latter was made difficult by the aforementioned scheduling concerns, while Falck found fault in the impersonal nature of the former. Now, Feghali said, “With Wedge, we have the ability to see the candidates. We have the questions we’re asking and the answers they’re giving. You get a feel for that person.” 

The Value (ROI/measured impact)

Beyond enhancing Falck’s ability to connect with candidates, Wedge has also helped speed up the process and hire more candidates. Falck leveraged Wedge for two specific recruiting initiatives to start. The first focused on the mass hiring of field training officers (FTO), while the second centered on EMTs. 

As part of phase one, Falck used Wedge to send out 48 interview requests and, with those completed, made 36 hires in a week. Wedge was able to increase the talent acquisition team’s weekly interview average by almost 50 percent, jumping from 20 to 29. In phase two of the pilot program, Falck conducted 170 EMT interviews via Wedge over the course of two months. Of those interviewed, 86 had already been hired, with 21 others still under consideration or waiting on licensing exam results. Feghali commented, “Based on these results, we decided we wanted to move forward with Wedge. It's very user-friendly, easy to use, seamless, and we look forward to increasing our hires even more next year.”

Authenticity at Scale (how Wedge fosters authenticity at scale)

For Feghali and Falck, Wedge video interviewing proved to be as close as possible to an in-person option while shortening the recruiting process. She explained, “The world has evolved, and people have changed over the last few years. People are comfortable with video now, and that’s helped with recruiting.  Instead of spending half an hour or more doing an interview, you watch a Wedge. That way, you give recruiters time back in their day. Kudos to Wedge.”