The Trouble with Zoom: Video Screening vs. Conferencing

December 21, 2021

In the Covid-19 environment, video conferencing provides a great way to stay connected and gain some much-needed facetime with remote colleagues. Many organizations also rely on platforms like Zoom to conduct their screening and interview processes. But there are several limitations.

Think about all the things that happen on a typical Zoom meeting. Inevitably, there’s someone on the call who:

  • Gets the call time wrong  
  • Has trouble getting into the meeting
  • Speaks without realizing they’re on mute
  • Says something out loud when they should be on mute
  • Breaks up due to connectivity issues
  • Does all of the above

While these can be mildly frustrating during a typical work meeting, they can be downright embarrassing if a recruiter does any of these when speaking with a candidate. If a candidate is the guilty party, it can waste valuable time for the recruiter.

Typical screenings slow you down

Whether by phone or video conference, screening processes take a great deal of time, from the back and forth of scheduling to the small talk during the conversation, and all the other hiccups that can happen in between. With one study showing that nearly half of candidates (48%) say the screening process has an impact on how they view an employer, it’s important to get the screening process right.

Imagine how easy the process could be if it were more one-sided. Instead of playing email tag and carving a half-hour out of your schedule for each screening, you could just give candidates the questions and have them record their answers themselves – on their own time. That’s possible with a solution like Wedge, which provides a simple and intuitive way to screen candidates.

Accelerate candidate screenings

Unlike Zoom or the other video conferencing platforms that require downloads or only open in certain browsers, Wedge just works. Candidates don’t have to install an app or wait for a download to start, and they can use Wedge on mobile or desktop in only 5 minutes. They simply open the link the recruiter sends over and answer your questions in Wedge to tell you why they’re the right person for the job, right then and there or later on. No set meeting required.

In addition to improving the candidate experience, Wedge makes it easy to review applicants. Instead of taking notes during the screening to share with the hiring manager, you have a short video you can easily review, share and watch again. Since Wedge integrates with ATS or HR software providers, it adds another level of efficiency to help you find top talent faster – up to 75% faster than traditional screening methods. As a result, recruiters can save an average of 5+ hours per week, enabling a quicker recruiting process that helps you get talent before the competition does.

Easy process, no mute button

A successful recruiting strategy is dependent on efficiency, to speed up the process and evaluate candidates quickly. Wedge solves this issue with a one-way screening process that makes it easier for recruiters and candidates alike. And unlike other screening solutions, you won’t have to worry about the candidate accidentally being on mute, so you can truly hear how they can make a difference at your company.