Customer Story

Utah Community Action Takes Hiring Online with Wedge

January 5, 2021

What happens when the way you’ve always interviewed candidates is no longer an option—and you need to hire even faster to keep up with increased demand?

That’s where Utah Community Action found itself in spring 2020. Here’s how they not only kept up their hiring despite the pandemic but transformed the way they interview applicants. 

The Challenge: Maintaining Business as Usual During COVID-19

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah Community Action is a nationally-recognized provider of comprehensive services for income-eligible families. The agency helps these families become more self-sufficient and self-reliant. 

As COVID-19 started to impact the area, Utah Community Action needed to maintain business as usual as demand for its offerings increased. Julie Bills, HR Recruiter for the agency, looked to UCA’s applicant tracking system, ApplicantPro, for support, which led her to Wedge. 

The Solution: Video Interviews with Wedge

Tasked with hiring online for various roles, Bills and her team implemented Wedge across the agency’s core programs. Unable to conduct in-person interviews, Utah Community Action needed to use video screening as a solution to fill the void in the interim. 

According to Bills, “Most of our managers like Wedge. Wedge is a good way for our hiring managers to spend five minutes with a candidate, watching their video, before deciding if we want to do a follow-up.” 

A New Approach to Hiring Online  

Before the pandemic, the agency operated almost entirely in person. Now, they rely on Wedge for hiring online across the agency. 

For an organization that is always hiring, and that provides essential services to its community, avoiding operational interruption is crucial.

She concluded, “Throughout this experience, Wedge kept more people safe, by not having to do interviews in person, while helping make the process quicker and more efficient in many cases.” 

Even as in-person hiring becomes more available, Utah Community Action relies on Wedge for candidate screening. Some roles are fully remote, making video interviews a necessity, while others are always posted and require a constant pipeline of candidates. In both instances—and many more—Wedge helps UCA streamline its hiring. 

What can Wedge do for you?

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