WEBINAR: How Video Technology in Hiring can improve DEI practices w/ Tameka McNair & Jadey Ryndak

February 5, 2024

The webinar titled "How Video Can Improve DEI Practices" featured speakers Tameka McNair and Jadey Ryndak and was moderated by Matt Baxter, CEO of Wedge, a video interviewing platform. The focus of the discussion was on the utilization of video technology to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in hiring and recruitment practices.

Key points from the webinar include:

  1. Our Experts: Jadey Ryndak, with extensive experience in recruitment across global organizations and managing recruitment firms, brought insights from her consultancy, which focuses on mission-driven organizations. Tameka McNair shared her personal journey in the professional world, navigating through various industries and disciplines as an African American female. Her emphasis was on the digital employee experience at Microsoft and the critical role of DEI.
  2. The Role of Video in Inclusivity: The speakers explored how thoughtfully implemented video technology could be a powerful tool for inclusivity in hiring, emphasizing the need to consider minority group experiences and ensuring video interviewing does not amplify biases.
  3. Challenges of Accessibility and Bias in Video Interviewing: The webinar highlighted challenges such as accessibility issues for people with different abilities and the potential for unintentional biases in video interviewing.
  4. The Importance of Diverse Hiring Panels: A key discussion point was the significance of having diverse hiring panels to reduce biases and the accountability of organizations in meeting their DEI goals.
  5. Advice for Improving DEI Practices: The speakers suggested that organizations start by understanding their demographics and benchmarking against their industry, using networks like LinkedIn for outreach and seeking expert advice. The importance of embracing new technologies like video interviewing was underscored, with a caution to be mindful of their implementation to align with an organization's DEI values.

Overall, the webinar emphasized that video technology is a valuable tool in promoting DEI, provided it is used thoughtfully and in alignment with an organization's core values and objectives.