Wedge Launches Partnership with Plum to Promote Personalized Hiring Experiences

Video Screening Solution and Talent Assessment Platform Join Forces to Take Recruiting Beyond the Resume

May 17, 2022

Wedge, the modern recruiting platform that makes hiring personalized, today announced a new partnership with revolutionary talent assessment platform, Plum. Together, Wedge and Plum will help companies improve hiring experiences and outcomes by taking the process beyond the traditional resume.

In a recent survey of more than 1000 employers and 1000 candidates, the Lighthouse Research & Advisory 2022 Talent Acquisition Priorities Study found stark differences between what both sides want from the recruiting experience. Notably, diverse candidates, specifically, are 67 percent more likely to prefer assessments and video interviews to resumes for their dynamic nature, indicating tremendous opportunities for employers who are keen to differentiate their hiring process.

Jason Putnam, Chief Revenue Officer for Plum commented, “While our technologies are unique from one another, both Plum and Wedge put the candidate at the center of the hiring process. Not what their application says or the list of accomplishments on their resume, but the whole person and all of the potential they have to offer.”

Sean Paulseth, Senior Vice President, Partnerships for Wedge shared, “Wedge and Plum are likeminded in our missions, and by partnering, we’re able to bring that shared mindset to companies eager to close the gap between what candidates want and what they deliver. Our end goal in working together is to make the hiring experience about the person first and foremost.”

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About Plum

Plum is a talent assessment platform that strips away bias and reveals human potential to revolutionize how global enterprises hire, grow, and retain talent. With unmatched scalability, Plum powers more objective and equitable talent decisions across the employee lifecycle using the predictive power of psychometric data. In one platform, Plum empowers organizations to quantify job fit, identify potential, provide personalized career insights and create high-performing teams. Visit for details.